white heresy


[White] HERESY

Duration 90 minutes
A coproduction by Sineglossa e The Grotowski Institute
With the support of Regione Marche and Teatri di Vetro
Concept Sineglossa

Performer Simona Sala
Lights and images Luca Poncetta
Sound Silvio Marino
Set Simone Alessandrini
Costumes Valentina Sanna
Drama and Direction Federico Bomba
After exposing the first studies of [White] Heresy to the gaze of passers-by in the cities of Ancona, Rome, Krakow and Wroclaw, Sineglossa continues to investigate the iconographic stratification that has been made of Joan of Arc during the history. The performance temporarily occupies abandoned cities spaces to re-define them as places for future actions and lay spirituality.
Images that once occupied the walls of the chosen locations are returned to the audience in new ways, in a precarious fashion as is the contemporary world we live in.
No more oil paintings, as those used at the time in which identities were a certainty, but ephemeral appearances. These new images delineate the shapes of a new generation looking for the real or virtual communities it belongs to, while refusing heroic/iconic figures which are distant from their own lives.
The generation that we are talking to, and the one we want to give more visibility to, is the one comprising all those who are contributing to changing the history, in which the identity of every individual becomes irrelevant – think of Anonymous, Femen or Wu Ming; a community which, through old and new communication forms, becomes an engine of worldwide revolutionary actions without falling into an attitude of narcissism, as selfies sometimes show.
This (site-specific) process entails the involvement of artists and creative people from the city in which the project is presented. This consists in a absolutely horizontal dimension of exchange, where artistic questions are shared, tested directly on the scene, rejected or accepted, to establish another form of artistic community, temporary and fighting.
[White] Heresy is supported by the Grotowski Institute (PL) in view of the upcoming Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016.

[White] HERESY – Wroclaw  (PL) – The World as a Place of Truth

[White] HERESY – Jesi (IT) – JES! Day

[White] HERESY – Roma (IT) – Teatri di Vetro

[White] HERESY – Ancona (IT) – Quattrocento metri quadri gallery

[White] HERESY – Sansepolcro (IT) – kilowatt festival



Sineglossa distances itself from pop art, from cynicism, from nihilism
and from mere divertissement. 

Sineglossa is the project of four artists – a visual artist, a musician, a performer and a director – which explores the relationship between contemporary languages and contexts in which the works are produced.
The goal is to help transform Culture into cultures: to turn into plural everything that is still thought of through the singular, with a strong focus on dialogue between those who produce and who benefits from it.

Sineglossa has presented its works in many International Festivals, like RomaEuropa (I), Fast (I), Civitanova Danza (I), Teatri di Vetro (I), Queer NY (USA), BEFestival (UK), Queer Zagreb (HR), Vordingborg (DK), Cos (ES), Incontri Teatrali (CH), AdriaticoMediterraneo (SRB), Fringe Edinburgh (UK), Reminescences (PL), The World as a place of Truth (PL) and worked in Visual Art institutions such as Palazzo della Penna (I) and Fondazione Volume! (I).

Its previous work, UNdo, was co-produced by ETI (Ente Teatrale Italiano). Since 2010 Sineglossa is producing Heresy, a long-term interdisciplinary project played in heterogeneous urban spaces. It is co-produced by Chantiers Temps D’Images- Fondazione Romaeuropa and by The Grotowski Institute (PL).

2013: Winner of BEFestival Visual Theatre prize (UK)
2012: Winner Move Award Prize (Be, Es, Dk)
2011: Special mention Premio Internazionale Vertigine – Fondazione Parco della Musica (Roma)
2010: Winner of Nuove creatività (ETI – ente teatrale italiano) (I)
2009: Winner of Germinazioni (Perugia) (I)
2008: Special mention Silent Art Movies (Aosta) (I)
2007: Special mention Premio Iceberg (Bologna) (I)
Federico Bomba


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Federico Bomba

Simona Sala


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Simona Sala

Silvio Marino

Luca Poncetta

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Luca Poncetta

Sineglossa maintains a constant dialogue with national and international companies on innovation in the performing arts.




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Art Direction
Federico Bomba

Mobile: 0039 339 3695202
E-mail: info@sineglossa.eu

Tour manager
E-mail: organizzazione@sineglossa.eu



SINEGLOSSA and The Grotowski Institute PRESENT “HERESIES”!


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